Floris van Breugel, PhD

Floris is an assistant professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. He runs the flies, robots, and data lab in Palmer Engineering 106. Floris is interested in biomechanics, controls, neuroscience, data, system identification, moving sensors, complex behavior, ecology, and data visualization. When not studying flies, programming robots, or analyzing data, you’ll find him in desert or mountains, on foot, skis, ropes, or bikes.

Current Lab Members


Austin LopeZ (MS, ME)

Austin is developing a dynamically controlled windy environment for studying insect and robot behavior.


Jessica Marquez (BS, CME)

Jessica is analyzing the search behavior of fruit flies.


Nikhil Sidher (MS, ME)

Nikhil is reverse engineering autonomous systems, using Raspberry Pi powered vehicles.


Florian Mclelland (BS, ME)

Florian is investigating the dynamic interactions between skis and snow.